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Time is an important commodity. With the proper aircraft you or your executives could get to meetings in one day and be back in the office the next day..

 In some cases a personal aircraft can get you to a meeting or even several meetings and back in the same day saving valuable time that could be better utilized in the office or at home.
I will be ready to go when you are. Let me help you make better use of your time. Give me the opportunity to consult with you to ascertain what type of aircraft you may could make use of or if an aircraft partnership should be in your future. I am a full service aerospace firm and would like to serve your aircraft needs.

Our Experience

Let my experience with corporate aircraft work for you. I know when, where and how to keep the aircraft flying safely.


Give us the opportunity to consult with you as to the aircraft or service that would suit your individual needs.

Aircraft Management Fees are based on the type aircraft. Contact us for more information.

Pilot Training

Becoming a private pilot takes a real commitment, and is not for an individual who does not take this profession seriously.

Becoming a private pilot takes a real commitment, and is not for an individual who does not take this profession seriously.

If you are an individual who has a passion for flying, and you want to pursue a career as a private pilot, you will need to look at what schools offer the necessary training and courses needed to become a certified, professional private pilot.

These days, as the interest in the profession increases, there are no shortages of schools that offer private pilot flight training. In larger, metropolitan areas, it’s probably easier than in a more rural geographic location to fine a good aviation



About NSAA

NSAA is a community resource for brokers, sales people and interested purchasers in the new and used private jet market.

If you are considering buying or selling a used private jet and would like to list with us visit our contact page.Types of aircraft we can help you with

Local Resources

When shopping around for quality used private aircraft you need to be sure you are dealing with reputable brokers. Buying a used aircraft is not like buying other used items, there are serious safety issues involved and of course a lot of money can be changing hands. A reputable dealer in Sydney that we can recommend is NextantPacific.

When looking for servicing, repairs, flight maintenance checks, security windscreen replacement etc for Perth region see Joondalup suppliers.

Latest news


Tesco puts $35m private jet up for sale.
Private plane being sold by Tesco boasts leather seats, maple wood interior and DVD players


World Transportation Exchange For Luxury Jets.
The proposal is an eye catcher: luxury cars, motor coaches, yachts, corporate jets and helicopters all for sale in one spot.


Gulf Air Financing.
Emirates and Qatar Airways have signed financing facilities with banks to purchase new planes


Utility Aircraft – Working Planes

It’s not uncommon to see a utility craft fitted with a sprinkler system and then used to water crops, or at the very least shower them with pesticides or other chemicals. This capability further extends to other uses, such as dousing flames during forest fires, as well as providing much needed transport in the most remote of locations.
Even though utility aircraft are often much smaller than military planes, they are still large enough to be loaded with ammunition, weapons, food and other materials for transport purposes. Being smaller, and as a result; more agile, means that these craft can manoeuvre their way in to even the smallest of locations to offload their valued resources before flying back for more.

Their versatility also makes them ideal passenger planes, although they are limited when it comes to seating when compared to typical Boeing aircraft. This hasn’t stopped them from finding a use as a mode of transport for businesses and individuals alike. In fact their smaller size means that they cost less to operate, and as they are much lighter than larger passenger aircraft; they are often capable of flying longer distances too.

There are certain locations around the world that are only accessible by aircraft, including several regions within Alaska and Canada. For several reasons including turbulence and lack of landing space – utility craft have found a sustainable demand for transport within these areas. Even remoter still are those regions of Alaska and Canada that can only be accessed by water. This is another angle where utility craft excel as they can often be converted to include floats instead of wheels. These floats allow them to fly to a destination and then land on water where their engines will propel them to their destination. More on new Viking utility aircraft here.