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Minimising Your Aircraft Costs Whenever Possible

Private air crafts are a great way to get around and whether you’re a professional business owner in need of personal transport or if you’re an individual with a love of planes in general – you’ll undoubtedly want to minimise the cost of your outgoings as far as your flights are concerned. At Hawker Pacific a private aircraft broker in Australia, we’ve been in the business for years and we know all of the techniques to help you to reduce your expenses. Here are a few that could really help.

Switch Out Your Engine

Private planes often use fairly similar engines – and the main difference will come from the manufacturer’s price. For example, the PT6-52 engine found in the King Air 250 is a lot more expensive that the virtually identical P&WC PT6-61 engines. There’s nothing to say that you couldn’t have one of these engines fitted in place of the standard PT6-52, and you could save yourself thousands in the process.

Alternative Routes

As enjoyable as it may be to spend hours in the air traversing entire regions, the truth is that the cost of fuel isn’t cheap. You may want to consider eliminating any excessive travel plans that you have in favour of taking shorter routes. For example, if you’re travelling along the Pacific Rim, don’t risk tanking or runway damage unnecessarily and instead opt to travel over Eastern Europe instead.

Charter Your Flights in Advance

Air time can be expensive, especially if you’re prone to flying at random intervals. It may be cheaper to charter a particular number of hours ahead of time, and then use them up throughout the year. Your expenses will be cheaper, and you can always charter flights to make up for any hours that you don’t use towards the end of the year.